Initially, I turned to my computer as a source to view the movie for Module 4 but was unable to view it for free. I am not a member of Netflix so move on to trying movies on demand on my television. None of the movies we were required to view were available on demand so my next thought was to drive to the local Block Buster video store. Well, the store was closed so I returned home and the following day, I drove to the public library and checked out the Blade Runner movie at no cost.

I would argue that the competition between DVDs and video on demand is an example of Red Queens. With increasing returns, there are two technologies competing in which one of them is chosen and the other disappears. Red Queens leaves more room allowing two competing technologies to surge ahead of others because of intense competition. Currently, both DVDs and on demand videos are both leaders in movie viewing and are not causing the other to disappear.

On the tetrad I would say that DVDs enhanced VHS tapes and obsoletes VHS also. I think on demand movies enhance DVDs and other movie viewing sources with the speed and convenience of access. I do not think that on demand features have made obsolete any other media yet. Both DVDs and on demand retrieve recreational film viewing and revert to older forms of movie media such as films.